"I want to stay as close to the edge as I can
without going over. Out on the edge
you can see all kinds of things
you can't see from the center"
--Kurt Vonnegut

Christian Lang

 1980 – 1987: Christian Lang attends Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule, Cairo, Egypt 
1989 – 1996: Christian finished high school and receives a BA from the University of South Florida
1997 – 2005: Christian is self employed working as a Coca-Cola Licensee based in Germany
2006: Christian enters the corporate world and joins Siemens Business Services in Munich, Germany
2006 – 2013: Christian hold various sales & marketing director positions in Bombardier Transportation, Division Services and is expated to Shanghai, China and Singapore for 3.5 years
2013 – present: Christian is the sales and marketing director, division services for a large French system supplier to the railway industry managing a 100+ sales force globally with revenues >500k€
2016: Christian starts as the COO of Engage Aviation